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Put the Halloween Candy Away: The 12 Best Foods for Healthy Skin


Fall ushers in the food-laden holiday season, and no holiday is deadlier for our skin than Halloween. For a full week, most of us will find ourselves surrounded by bowls of candy just waiting to destroy our skin. No wonder they call it the devil’s holiday.

So Halloween is a good time for us to take a look at all the great foods that are actually good for our skin. Some fight acne, others promote a rosy complexion, and still others fight off age spots, sun damage and skin cancer.

By no means comprehensive, here is a quick overview of the best foods for healthy skin. Some may even surprise you! (And when you’re done with our list, check out some helpful tips for undoing holiday skin damage right below.)

1. Almond Milk

When it comes to our skin, the less dairy in our diet, the better. Dairy instigates acne and wrinkles and can give skin a blotchy appearance (ever heard the expression “dairy face”? It’s not a compliment). Time to consider replacing the milk in your morning cereal and afternoon coffee with almond milk – an all-natural, tasty, low calorie, non-dairy substitute.

2. Carrots

Vitamin A-laden carrots help keep our skin clear and pores clean by preventing the overproduction of skin cells on our skin’s outer layer. One of the very best foods for healthy skin, carrots reduce the development of skin cancer cells. That’s also thanks to the vitamin A. Maybe carrot-loving Bugs Bunny was even smarter than we thought!

3. Eggs

An active lifestyle – especially if it involves workouts at the gym – requires protein. The key of course, is for us to get that protein without too many carbs and too much fat. Voila! Enter the egg.

High in protein, eggs are low in fat. That’s good for our diet and for our skin, since diets higher in fat can prematurely age the skin.

4. Green tea

Green tea is so good for your skin it’s almost too good to be true. Drinking a glass a day will help improve your skin’s elasticity and smoothness. Green tea also helps fight off sun damage.

The list of uses for green tea to improve our skin is myriad. Did you know you can apply green tea directly onto your skin and use it as a toner? Some people even use a green teabag as spot treatment for acne.

5. Kale

Ever wonder why, seemingly out of the blue, kale suddenly became all the rage? For starters, kale is a terrific source of zeaxanthin and lutein, which protect against skin-damaging free radicals.

No flash in the pan fad, kale is also rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which help keep our skin firm and young looking.If you are one of the few who haven’t tried a kale salad, give it a shot! Your skin will love you for it.

6. Mackerel

Mackerel is one of the best foods for healthy skin. The reason? It is a rich source of vitamin B12. Hyperpigmentation (such as dark spots or white spots) is caused by B12 deficiency. Loading up on the mackerel promotes an even skin tone.

7. Olive oil

Higher consumption of olive oil (as in, over two teaspoons a day) has been associated with diminishing the signs of aging on our skin. This is thought due to the high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and the antioxidant polyphenols. Truly a wonder food, olive oil, of course, has many other benefits for our body and health.

8. Oysters

There is something about oysters that evoke fine dining, sophistication and elegance. But these bivalves are hardly a frivolous food. Oysters, you see, are loaded with zinc. Zinc is vital for the healthy growth of skin cells. On top of all this, Oysters are low in calories to boot!

9. Pomegranates

Loaded with polyphenol antioxidants, which fight free radicals, pomegranates also promote a rosy, radiant skin complexion. So good are pomegranates for our skin, some people even use them as a moisturizer.

10. Salmon and Sardines

On 3.5 ounce serving of salmon or sardine is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which, in addition to its other benefits, is an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is a known cause of acne. So load up on omega-3-rich foods for clearer skin!

11. Strawberries

Not only are strawberries irresistibly delicious – they are one of the best foods for healthy skin. Why they are one of the best sources of vitamin C; one serving of strawberries contains more vitamin C than grapefruit and even oranges!

Age-fighting vitamin C is good skin’s best friend. It fights skin-damaging free radicals and helps protect our skin from fine lines and wrinkles.

12. Tomatoes

Last but not least: tomatoes! Tomatoes contain the antioxidant lycopene, which improves skin’s natural SPF.

Regardless of your diet, if you hit the candy too hard this Halloween, your skin may need some repair. No worries! We’ve got your covered, with some terrific fall skincare tips.

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