Soothing Self Care to Lift Your Spirits

It seems everyone could use a pick me up. So whether it is by treating yourself or helping someone else brighten up their day – these items are sure to make someone smile. Perhaps treat a friend who is a first responder to a gift – a thoughtful way to help them and the economy. Here are my picks for the week.


At-Home Facial: NEEDCRYSTALS is a premium Microdermabrasion Crystal

Needcrystals Skin Booster

NeedCrystals is an aluminum oxide microdermabrasion crystals used by leading dermatologists and aesthetic skin care professionals. It is now available for personal at-home use. The crystals are made from 99.55% pure white aluminum oxide, sourced from clean environments, and sorted by their purity, texture, and color.  Easy to use and will leave your face feeling smooth.


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