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NeedCrystals #SelfCare2021

Skincare specialists Jean-Michel and Lorena Balensi founded NeedCrystals in 2001 after noticing a continuous demand for microdermabrasion supplies and tools. From operating a beauty spa, they applied expert knowledge of esthetics and skin care to cater microdermabrasion towards both wholesale and retail beauty industries. Dedicated to providing spas and homes nationwide with specially formulated aluminum oxide crystals for exfoliation, NeedCrystals is now the industry leading supplier of microdermabrasion crystals.
Dust free, the NeedCrystals white aluminum oxide crystals product is composed to meet the highest industry standards as well as fit the demand for all skin types. At 99.41% purity, the microdermabrasion crystals competitively merge home-friendly skincare with professional dermatology, promoting noticeably healthier skin without the need for expert supervision. I got to try it out and it is super easy to use, and my skin felt great afterwards. You just wet your face or body, scoop up a dime sized portion of the crystals, and massage in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. Rinse with cool water and moisturize afterwards. Boom, done! And I felt refreshed and renewed.

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