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Show your body some love with a spring refresh.


Most people give their face all the cleansing/masking/ moisturizing love, but after a brutal winter, your entire body is in need of some TLC. Indulge in a head-to-toe body refresh this spring to get your temple in tip-top shape. “Our skin is our body’s largest organ and first line of defense against extreme temperatures, injury, irritants, infection, etc.,” says Kimberly Grimes, licensed esthetician and owner of VAVAVOOM in Atlanta, Ga. “Skin often lets us know what’s going on with us internally as well. Paying attention to it and caring for it not only helps us look and feel better—it protects us and keeps us healthy. It’s so much more than decoration!” When it comes to skin protection, keeping the season in mind is key. The same products and routine you used in the winter should be adjusted for your skin’s demands and needs in the spring and summer

“When it comes to skin care, winter tends to be about healing and restoring. Spring and summer, however, is all about protection from the activities we tend to enjoy,” the 13-year beauty and wellness veteran shares. “If you’re not already using sunscreen, definitely start. Also, swap out the heavier, sheet-staining butters for lighter oils and creams, and continue to exfoliate and hydrate.” Since we now have more time on our hands at home, it’s the perfect time to focus on our skin. Once you see the benefits of a little extra tender, loving self-care, you’ll be sure to be more consistent with your skin-care and body-care regimens. “It doesn’t matter how many self-care products you have under your sink or how much time you have off. If you continue to let everything else come first, that 2-year-old mud masque in your cabinet will just turn 3,” Grimes stresses. “Turn off the phone, lock the door, ask someone in the house for help and do what you have to do!”


 • Start with the basics: Cleanse face for at least 60 seconds with lukewarm water. Gently remove cleanser. Use toner. Apply serums. Moisturize and use SPF during the day. Then exfoliate twice a week after the cleansing step. If you don’t, you’re just piling your products on top of dead skin.

 • Incorporate massage, body wrap or body scrub into your routine. “These provide a boost in circulation, which really helps you glow from the inside out.”
• While spring cleaning, be sure to throw out products that are expired or have been exposed to bacteria. “A bad reaction will quickly turn a #hotgirlsummer into #rashgirlsummer—that is so much worse than wasting the money you spent on it,” Grimes warns.
• Spring means it’s time for cute tanks, tube tops and strappy dresses. So Grimes recommends an underarm scrub for smooth, fresh pits. Her favorite is PITPOLISH by VENUSxVAVA (from her own line).
• Ladies, we love the look of a sunkissed glow. Moisture will help you achieve this. “Marula oil is my favorite,” says Grimes. “But when I feel like unleashing my full Taurean life-ruining potential, I grab anything shimmery by Jade & Fox. Her bronzing aloe gel makes me sin.”


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